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Deepstar - Technology Development for Deepwater Research

Phase IX Overview

DeepStar Phase IX commenced in January 2008 with nine Oil Company Participants. DeepStar participants represent a strong mix of large and mid-size operators, USA and non-USA based, drawing in a rich array of diverse expertise to address common deepwater challenges. DeepStar currently has over 50 service and vendor company Contributor Members.

The Phase IX focus is the following key deepwater challenges:

Ultradeepwater development

  • Seafloor boosting
  • Subsea systems
  • Risers in 10,000’ wd
  • Unconventional flowlines

Enhanced well productivity and recovery

  • Subsea boosting & artificial lift
  • Remote well test pressure monitoring

Flow assurance

  • Asphaltene deposition simulation & validation
  • Hydrate kinetics & plugging
  • Cold Restart

Drilling, completion and intervention paradigm shifts

Enhanced deepwater production systems

  • Global performance
  • Alternative systems and methodologies
  • Extreme current and wave measurement

Early production system

Well cost reduction

  • Dual density/riserless mud recovery
  • Conceptual improvements


  • Improved economic threshold for small fields
  • Systems operability – availability & reliability

For a more focused overview of DeepStar Phase IX operations, please review the DeepStar Phase IX Business and Operating Plan  (487 KB)  PDF Document Icon.